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Hi, Got the program up and running and must say that I am pretty surprised so far. It is actually doing very well :)

It's the best poker bot by a mile!

Who is the creator of this bot, who come up with this great bot?

I use this bot to play No Limit poker in semi-auto mode. This enables me to work at the same time and I make more from my poker play now than I do from my job as a Computer Technician! I only play a good hand every now and then, and let the bot do the boring work for me while I work. POKERobot prevents me from doing any stupid mistakes. Thanks for doing a great job!

Finally a bot that works as I want it to work, and makes some pennies too ;-) Thanks!

Plays fine - looking forward to the final version!

Absolutely a great teaching machine!

Nice work, I like it!

The software continues to work the way it always has. It is a great little tool!

This is a great app! It certainly takes the "grinding" out of grinding! ;)

Works great so far.

I only deposited $5,- and within 5 hours i already had $15,-! and only with a $0.05 / $0.10,- bet! Thanks Pokerobot!

I have tested a lot of combinations lately for long term run and seems that pokerobot works much better and wins more than it looses.

Have been playing with the POKERobot for 3 days and im winning $150 dollars its amazing. Thanks a lot. Ivan from Guatemala

If you want to make a constant $5-10 per hour while learning how to play decent and sustainable poker, then use this bot. Otherwise, get used by it!


POKERobot has been reviewed by many independent software reviewers and has achieved many accolades.