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Pokeroid - The Online Poker Steroid

While writing this very article on how to play No-Limit holdem using POKERobot, we came up with a whole new concept instead! We are dedicated poker players ourselves, and while playing no-limit texas holdem, we wrote down what could be done better. With those notes as template - and all feedback from our beta testers - we formed what we would like to call The Best No-Limit Poker tool available!

Looking at statistics, you fold about 90% of your hands if you play at a 10-opponent table with a normal mixture of player styles. If you spend a day playing poker you will sooner or later loose your concentration and start making mistakes - we are all human beings, right. So we though... if we could create a poker-assistant that was reliable, patient and automated - we would be able to relax more during our play and just focus on the good hands when they arrived.

With that in mind we created the Pokeroid! It's all you could ask for when playing no limit poker! Just sit back and relax, note how the other players play their hands and if you want, even minimize the tables while checking your email. Pokeroid will continue playing for you - and when a good hand arrives (you can set what hands you want to play in the options) - Pokeroid will beep, and force the table on-top, letting you know it's time to focus!

Click here to get your free copy today!

Please also register in the forums and let us know what new features you would like implemented!